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Rural Health Care Facilities

​Obtaining affordable financing is an incredible challenge for rural health care facilities, particularly rural hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals.  Since the post-World War II era, the Federal Government has provided much needed assistance to our rural health care providers.  After the Hill-Burton Act expired, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Agriculture (USDA) have administered the main Federal government programs providing affordable capital finance to health care providers, particularly hospitals. 

Over the years, the Committee on Healthcare Financing has worked with both HUD and the USDA in their efforts to improve, expand, and enhance their respective loan programs.  The Committee has served as the financing industry’s main voice before HUD and USDA for matters related to HUD’s Section 232 and 242 programs and USDA’s Community Facilities Programs.  The Committee strives to ensure that these vital programs remain sound and available for all eligible health care providers. 

For more information on these Federal Government programs, please visit USDA’s Office of Rural Development at or HUD’s Office of Healthcare Programs at: